Thursday, September 8, 2016

I Cheated On My Husband

I Love Cheating On My Husband Why? Because it's easy and fun. He gets up like most suckers, works his butt off from 8am to 5pm, and comes home just in time for his trophy wife to cook him a nice meal and eventually, the most boring missionary sex a woman could hope for. I can't really complain, i mean he is good to me, he just can't satisfy me. I have a few boyfriends that satisfy me sexually. God it feels so good to finally tell people this! I am not stupid like most women that cheat and tell their "close" friends. Listen ladies, if you want to cheat and never get caught, keep your mouth shut.

Men, Well Most, Are Idiots, The funny part is he thinks he is the "man" and I am some poor helpless woman at home that "needs" him. God forbid I would be helpless without his upper middle class salary. It's ok, but nothing to brag about.

So I guess I owe you a story. I will talk about the first time I cheated. It was actually our wedding night. Believe it or not it's true. You see, when I met my husband a few years before we got married, I was 25 and getting up there. I knew I needed security and I needed it now before I hit 30 and became old. So I settled for him because he was a good balance. Decent job, decent looking, and most important of all, he worshiped me. I could have easily found someone much hotter, but it's tough to find a decent looking guy with a stable job. Most men out there are either ugly and rich, or good looking and poor.

So, on our wedding night, we had great reception going. People enjoying themselves. Most of our friends are your average boring social crowd, but we each have a few friends that think they are still in their early 20's. Take for example one of my husband's "friends". We will call him "Jake". Now Jake is 28 but thinks he's 21. However, he does look it. He sleeps around with a lot of college girls. Always clubbing, partying. The 3-4 times our social groups got together he's made a few passes at me, and i let him know discretely that I found him sexy the last time we met before the wedding. He is very handsome. Tall, athletic, big arms, gorgeous blue eyes. We were at the bar each trying to get a drink, while the rest of the gang is scurrying about, half drunk. He told me that he's always wanted me and that if I was not marrying his friend he'd be all over me. I told him i'd let him do as he pleases...but in another life, giggled and left him hanging.

Fast forward to the wedding, it's late. 1am and my husband is very drunk. He's at the head table with a few childhood friends drunk as well. Half of the guests have left, and the other half are still socializing. I make my way to the ladies room outside the hall and out comes Jake from the mens room. He smiles at me, looks at my body head to toe, and then congratulates me AGAIN and hugs me. I hug him back, and he lingers. He starts to get hard and I look down and see he's probably an 8 incher. My husband is average at 5, and I just love a big penis. Instantly I get turned on and tell him if he told me about this earlier I would have obliged to his request before I got married. He smiled and I left him and smacked his *** on the way into the washroom. I went in and peed and after I flushed i began washing my hands and Jake walked in. I looked over at him and smiled and told him he must be lost. I have never seen a man so determined. He walked right up to me without saying a word and grabbed my hand and led me into the stall. I went with it. I was so turned on I did not care one bit who came thru that door.

 BATANG HAMOGInside the stall we kissed passionately. He reached under my dress and ripped aside my panties and began fingering me. I was so wet. At the same time he unzipped his pants and I helped him remove his belt. I grabbed my dress and held it up so it did not drape down. I was a little conscious, just a little ;) He then slid inside me. I was so turned on i will never forget that feeling of his big penis sliding deep inside me. The best sex is the forbidden encounters. This is probably the worst thing he could ever do to his friend but he's a guy and guy's are pigs. I don't care what you think your husband, brother, boyfriend is, they are all pigs. Anyways Jake held me in his arms, and i had my legs wrapped around him and he pumped hard into me against the stall. After literally 30 seconds he started to climax. This sent me over the edge and I came as he did.

With lightning speed and pulled up his pants, grinned at me, kissed me, and left. I stayed in the stall and had to put toilet paper on my panties so his ***** wouldn't leak all over my panties. The whole event was less then 5 minutes. After I cleaned up I walked back to my husbands table, and didn't skip a beat.

I will share more true stories when I get time. My husband is on a trip but will be home later Sunday. Next time I will tell all of you what I did this weekend while he was gone. Cheers, xo, D.

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